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  • Date and Walnut muffins

    Box of 6 muffins

    Date and walnut muffins are our signature, that brings together the sweetness of the dates with the nuttiness of the walnuts in a classic pairing.


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  • Double Chocolate muffins

    Box of 6 muffins

    Our chocolate muffins are incredibly rich, mega chocolatey and loaded with chocolate chips in every single bite!

    What’s not to love? They are sweet, cute, and make the perfect treat!


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  • Tutti Fruity muffins

    Box of 6 muffins

    A tea time snack with a burst of colour, these muffins are moist, spongy, fluffy and airy with little colourful bursts of candied tutti fruity.


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  • Vanilla Chocochip muffins

    Box of 6 muffins

    These muffins are soft, fluffy, tender and chock full of chocolate chips!

    These are just perfection straight out of the oven!


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